Oh No! One moment of carelessness and the door slams shut behind you!
It can happen to anyone and it can be infuriating. But now you can remain calm and contact Schlüsseldienst24.eu!

We are available day and night, and we can help you if you have locked yourself out. With our Fixed price guarantee there are no extra hidden charges or special fees. Before we start, you already know exactly how much it will cost to open the door. You will not experience any unwelcome surprises and we will be very pleased to have helped another satisfied customer.

We travel to all parts of Berlin – from Zehlendorf to Buch and from Frohnau to Müggelheim, and
we usually arrive at your location within 20 – 40 Minutes.

For door which are closed but unlocked, special techniques will be used so that the door is opened without being damaged. This means that you will be spared additional costs!

Normally our staff are able to open a door within a few minutes. However if it takes longer, for example, because of the complexity of the lock, our guaranteed fixed price naturally does not change. We do not charge for our time, we only charge for our unique service.

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